So I Ai9nt A Good Girl Analysis

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Some of the best things in life make us feel like we are on top of the world. Sometimes those things aren’t worth it or not even legit. Those good things are too good to be true. In the story “So I ai9nt a good girl” by Sharon Flake, a girl whose name is not identified, always complains about wanting to be herself. She hates all the other girls. In fact she hated them because they were always eyeing her boyfriend Raheem. When the girl catches Raheem kissing with another gild, she gets mad but decides to forgive him. This explains how desperate she is. Sharon Flake uses distinct feelings and imagery to portray the characters conflict and emotions in the story “So I ain’t a good girl” In the story Sharon Flake develops a character who just…show more content…
The part where she says she hates them especially the one who stole her boyfriend goes to how she doesn’t like them girls due to their characteristics towards Raheem. The girl also gives the girls attitude which shows the hate she feels towards them. By having these characteristics Flake can show how the girl feels about the people around her. Sharon Flake can help the reader visualize the character by adding conflict. By adding conflict Flake sets the tone of the story. The tone of the story seems to go fast due to to the conflict that happens often in the story. When they argue it goes to a point where they forgive each other which makes they’re feelings change. At one point they’re mad and then then next thing you know they’re together again. When Raheem kisses the other girl, it shows the anger the girl feels. How the girl will do whatever to stay with Raheem show how desperate and lonely she is without Raheem. The feelings and imagery sets the the tone which stets the flow of the story. Sharon flake is able to make a realistic character by using

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