Nevada's Environmental Problems

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The environmental problems that we are facing have been created by several world issues all stemming from the ever increasing population. Each person that is added the world’s population needs to eat. Most of the large cities hug a coast, relying on the ocean for food sources and shipping. Industrialization of the fish industry, created by the rise in demand from a growing population, is causing overfishing. When overfishing gets far out of hand, the delicate balance of the ocean biomes is disrupted. This is a serious problem, being that most of our oxygen is produced by algae in the oceans. This isn’t just isolated to our oceans. The growing population is also over taxing our natural resources. An issue currently being experienced by Nevada is drought. When a large population needs water, it is diverted from upstream. This creates a problem for the people who previously used that water. There is less water for crops which, in turn, lowers the strength of the local economy. Need for water in cities isn’t the only factor that is taxing our natural resources.…show more content…
Though there are other results as well, one of the most prominent issues is the drain it causes on natural resources. People in poverty tend to turn to the natural resources around them to trade or care for themselves. They don’t realize that they are pushing their flood protection back or unbalancing an ecosystem. Ecological ignorance is perhaps the worst product of the increase in population. Lower developed countries pollute just like everyone else. The problem lies in the fact that they have no knowledge of how to deal with their waste. Many of them are unaware that they are irreparably damaging their

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