How Does Richard Grow Up In Lord Of The Flies

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Man cannot be innocent forever, he must grow up and become an adult taking on the proper responsibilities. A young child has to be exposed to things in order to grow up. In Black Boy Richard Wright Implies that man must see the world for how it really is, or he/she will be blinded to the true dangers the world has to offer. “They closed in. In blind fear I let the stick fly, feeling it crack against a boy’s skull. I swung again, lamming anther skull, then another. Realizing that they would retaliate if I let up but for a second, I fought to lay them low, to knock them cold, to kill them so that they could not strike back at me.” (18) Richard becomes exposed to violence, he has no choice but to fight. Afterwards he gains much confidence when he beats all the other kids up, at that point…show more content…
“Don’t ,don’t hit me! If you hit me I’ll fight you!”(p.108) Again Richard is introduced into violence, but when his aunt tries to beat him, he grabs a knife and protects himself. Richard isn’t afraid to stand up for himself. • Just a small picture of how Richard is strong enough to protect himself. “An hour later I was sitting in a Jim Crow coach, speeding northward, making the first lap of my journey where I could live with a little less fear.”(pg.207) Richard is leaving home to go find work on his own, his mother is against it. But he is determined to go out and try to live a better life. • This quote contains mental maturity, it shows Richard growing up and leading his own life. “One summer morning I stood at a sink in the rear of the factory washing a pair of eyeglasses that just come from the polishing machines whose throbbing shook the floor witch I stood on.” (pg.233) Richard found a job working hard to send money back to his mom. Richard is shown how hard word gets you in life. • Here Richard shows his mental and emotional maturity, he became able to take care of himself, trying to support his mother and

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