Point Of View In The Cathedral Essay

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The narrative point of view is an important stylistic element of today’s reading in the narrative “The Cathedral”. The first person point of view is important for the success of the reader because it allows you to know the narrator’s thoughts and feelings on a deeper level. The narrator who is unnamed character reveals his feelings of resentment indirectly at points in the story about other characters who have a past with his wife. An example of this is when he refers to his wife’s childhood sweetheart, “Her officer- why should he have a name? He was the childhood sweetheart, and what more does he want? ­­. A pause like this shows that the narrator may be insecure or jealous and suggest his relationship with his wife isn’t as great as…show more content…
The narrator was unsteady about his wife’s visitor and seemed selfish only caring how the visitor’s presence was going to impact him. He had preconceived notions about blind people that he said was based off movies. The narrator describes Robert’s (the visitor) appearance and what he thought about it. An example is when he talks about his eyes, “I’d always thought dark glasses were a must for the blind. Fact was, I wished he had a pair. At first glance, his eyes looked like anyone else’s eyes. But if you looked close, there was something different about them. Too much white in the iris, for one thing, and the pupils seemed to move around in the sockets without knowing it or being able to stop it, Creepy”. He also talks about his beard, how he smokes, how he cuts his meat, how he drinks etc. This depiction by the narrator is important because it almost makes Robert seem like alien because of his disability. The narrator has no ideas of the capabilities of a blind person. But later in the story Robert’s appearance to the narrator changes and he becomes more human to the narrator, as his opinion of him also

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