Unity In Neil Gaiman's American Gods

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Throughout Neil Gaiman’s novel “American Gods”, Gaiman accepts the secularization of America and presents an America that has been disenchanted, displayed through the actions of the old gods in the novel. The “storm” that brews throughout the book takes place as a final battle between old and new gods but ends with little bloodshed. The clear outcome of no winner in this final battle depicts how both old and new gods are able to coincide with each other. The reason this sort of unity takes place is because the gods have turned into the same entity. This is displayed by the old gods becoming more secular themselves relying on the world to survive, indicating a separation from what their religions originally stood for. The ideological “equal opportunity for all” premise that America has portrays is taken into question in Gaiman’s book as all the character that made the voyage to America, either came in by chains. Another ideology that comes into play in American Gods is the melting pot ideal of…show more content…
Sukey, or Madame Zouzou, the slave girl who brought her religion from St. Domingo to America through enslavement is originally the true form of her African religion. Madame Zouzou continued to dance the Calinda and the Bamboula of her religion to please her gods, even in the most troubling times. Her own willing choice to sacrifice to her gods through these dances represents her religion in its original form because she does not change the religion to fit her needs. However, as Madame Zouzou reaches old age and passes her religion on to the Widow Paris, the Widow Paris “had no interest in the gods of the distant land” (296) and “If St. Domingo had been lush black earth for the African gods to grow in, this land … was barren and infertile” (296). The refocus of ideals from the gods to the people acts as a form of disenchantment from the original religion and in its place is a faulty take on the

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