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OUTLINE FORMAT FOR SPEECH 2 Name: Michael Eberhardt Topic: Obesity’s effect upon health care costs and how to prevent these costs from rising Specific purpose: At the end of my speech the audience will have better awareness of the health related risks associated with obesity that contribute to the rise in health care costs and a better understanding of how to combat this growing epidemic. Central Idea: Everyone must have a better awareness of the rise of obesity and its health related effects on the population in the USA. Introduction: A. Attention gaining material: Obesity in the USA is a growing epidemic with serious health consequences. Visual Aid: a pound of Fat B. Thematic statement: Obesity along with a sedentary lifestyle puts an individual at a greater risk of heart disease and metabolic…show more content…
Obesity is an epidemic and it is the result of poor diet and physical inactivity. The result is a rise in health care costs! A. Obesity’s prevalence in the USA. According to the Center of Disease Control (CDC) “more than one third of U.S. adults are obese” (CDC, 2014). The CDC has determined that “obesity is most common amongst middle aged adults in America between the ages of 40-59” (CDC, 2014). B. ). According to the CDC “only 48% of Americans meet the recommended physical activity guidelines of 150 minutes of physical activity per week” (CDC, 2014). Contemporary society may play a large role in the rise of obesity. In the contemporary workplace most employees are required to sit and work on a computer for the majority of the day. Sedentary behavior in the workplace may have a direct effect on an employee’s daily caloric expenditure. II. Obesity coupled with a sedentary lifestyle puts an individual at a greater risk of heart disease and metabolic disorders (diabetes). A. These diseases and conditions include: hypertension, cardiovascular disease, Dyslipidemia (high cholesterol), Diabetes Mellitus, and other preventable diseases (Mayo Clinic,

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