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Reading about government really is not that interesting and doing it three times is not necessary they all say the same thing you need to be a good leader. Either people are going to like you are they are going to hate you and it does not matter what you do there is always going to be someone who is not going to like what you do. This is a quote from Machiavelli’s Prince about how you should be while you are being a leader. “…princes ought to govern their peoples… so one has to be a prince to get to know the character of a people and a man of the people to know the character of a prince.” (Shmoop) Lao-Tzu said the same thing in different words because there are two types of leaders a good one and a bad one and they were both commenting on how…show more content…
The famous lines it is better to be feared than loved came from Machiavelli’s Prince, but if you really read it in the Prince he is quoted saying this line. “…I say that every prince must desire to be considered merciful and not cruel; nevertheless, he must take care not to misuse this mercy.” (Machiavelli) Every prince wants to be loved than feared, but it is easier to control the populace when they are in fear of you the reason for this is that they will listen to you if they are in fear of you. This leads to the quote by Smith in the reasoning by Machiavelli as to why it is better to be feared than loved. “By instilling fear while at the same time avoiding unnecessary cruelty, the ruler is able to maintain power and perhaps at the same time still have the respect of his constituents.” (Smith) Lao-Tzu knew that it was better to be loved, but he knew at the same time it was risky having people love you because of how to control them. “Next best is a leader who is loved. Next is one to be feared. The worst is the one who is despised.” (Lao) Lao took a strong stance on leaders need to be loved by their general

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