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In other Queensland news, the Queensland president reports…. The Naval Association of Australia (Qld), in conjunction with the FESRA (Qld), has approval from the Brisbane City Council to erect a Naval Memorial on the site of an unused plinth. This is at the southern end of the Southbank Gardens and opposite the old entrance to the Qld Maritime Museum. The proposal is to have a two metre high bronze statue depicting a naval rating wearing the uniform of the post WW 2 period, which encompasses the 50s and 60s and wearing the distinctive ''Bell Bottoms''. The site carries very high volumes of pedestrian traffic and it is expected to become the focal point of Naval celebrations/commemorations for many years to come. The octagonal plinth will, on each panel, feature the following: the centre front and main panel will have a blue /grey granite plaque featuring the RAN Crest and the Naval Ode. The remaining six (the rear panel is too low and will not be used) will carry plaques commemorating the history of the RAN since Federation. i.e. WW1, WW11, Korea, Vietnam. Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, East Timor, Peace Keeping Operations.…show more content…
through Business, Industry, ESO,s and any other professional entities. Should any of the above donate $1000.00 or more, their names will be placed on plaques which will be mounted on the walls of the stairways leading up to the Memorial Park on either sides of the plinth. The second method will be to offer to anyone that has served under the White Ensign and donates $200.00 or more, that their names will be recorded on similar plaques set on the sides of the stairway and displayed in perpetuity. This is open to all current and past serving members. Many of our early donations have come from families/relatives of those who served but are no longer with us. We welcome donors Australia wide should they wish to donate to this unique and historic

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