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Nature has been a very important part of human culture and has affected humans for millennia. This is true for the main character in the book Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, where Victor Frankenstein, a natural philosopher in Europe, creates life. He abandons it, which leads to his life getting ruined. During the way, different aspects of nature were the setting for important events, such as meetings with the creature he had created. The storm, the lake, and the mountaintop all affected Victor Frankenstein’s emotions, from calming him down to amplifying his depression. The first major setting that impacted Victor is the storm, when he goes into the forest to lament William’s death, and the storm calms him down and later makes him impassionate. Right before the storm, “night also closed around, and when [he] could hardly see the dark mountains, [he] still felt more gloomily. The picture appeared a vast and dim scene of evil, and [he]…show more content…
While climbing the mountain, “the abrupt sides of the vast mountains were before [him]…these sublime and magnificent scenes afforded [him] the greatest consolation that [he] was capable of receiving” (78). Similar to how the storm consoled Victor, the mountain also reminded him that there can be an end to his misery. He felt a bit lighter and kept going, and stopped feeling suicidal. After climbing a bit further however, the ascent became “terrifically desolate…rain poured from the dark sky and added to the melancholy” (79). This sudden change from beauty and majesty to the desolation of rain caused him to become depressed again, due to him feeling that happiness had been snatched away from him. This shows how powerless he was to stop the sudden change to his emotions that the mountains and the rain brought. The storm caused Victor to feel victimized and go from hopeful to

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