Frederick Douglass Woman Suffrage Speech Analysis

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(1888) Frederick Douglass on Woman Suffrage I chose the topic of “Woman Suffrage Denied” as listed in our textbook on p. 453-455. As I was searching the Internet I knew that I wanted to try to find a firsthand account of this time in the history of women’s rights. I came across a site that gave a very special and unique speech given before the International Council of Women in Washington D.C. in April 1888. The individual that gave this speech was Frederick Douglass. Mr. Douglass seemed to be an unexpected speaker on women’s rights. He was such an interesting person due to the fact that as a freed slave, who had been born on a plantation, one would think that he did not have much authority to make an influence. This…show more content…
He, himself, had escaped from slavery and had lived the life of inequality. He knew how it felt to be considered less of a human being than others. I thought it was very humble of him when he spoke these words, “Men have very little business here as speakers, anyhow; and if they come here at all they should take back benches and wrap themselves in silence.” Another of his quotes that caught my attention was when he stood up for women by saying, “She is her won best representative. We can neither speak for her, nor vote for her, nor act for her, nor be responsible for her; and the thing for men to do in the premises is just to get out of her way and give her the fullest opportunity to exercise all the posers inherent in her individual personality, and allow her to do it as she herself shall elect to exercise them.” This quote to me was very powerful. For

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