National Rifle Association Case Study

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1. What is the organization or group’s website? 2. What are the issues your organization or group is concerned? • Ammunition: Since the 1960s, firearm control groups have tried to get one or another variety of ammo banned, severely limited, prohibitively overtaxed or overly regulated, to alarm the acquisition of weapons and undercut their use. • Background checks: Federal law call for all gun traders, producers and shippers to be certified, and call for such licensees to start a background check on a non-licensee to whom they intend to sell or otherwise transfer a firearm. 3. What actions does your group take to try to influence policy and public agenda? • The National Rifle Association's lobbyists made it easily understandable to lawmakers that they believed the bill should include an amount to overturn the capital's gun control laws. The group's political action team disbursed $15.6 million on campaign contributions during the past two years. The lion's…show more content…
What are its strengths and weaknesses? • Their strength comes from the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution which protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms. • Their weakness is gun related crimes are being committed by individuals who gain access to weapons illegally every day and the N.R.A. either does nothing about it. The weakness of the NRA will, without question, is the issue of firearm control. Firearms control is the main opponent to the NRA's procedure of pro-gun rights will always produce the most notorious and most numerous sources for controversy relating to the NRA. No Firing Pins Please as the National Rifle Association Gathers Seventy-thousand people attended the National Rifle Association’s convention opening on Friday in Tennessee, but they won’t be allowed to carry firearms in one of the main convention venues. This may run counter to the N.R.A.’s ideas about carrying guns everywhere, from elementary schools to

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