Cross Phoenix Jackson And Cross Duty Analysis

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Humans share a sense of duty to each other. The sense of duty changes among individuals and circumstances. The duty or obligation to care for other people can be one of the strongest forms of duty people feel. Phoenix Jackson and Lt. Jimmy Cross had felt a sense of duty to other people in their lives. Phoenix Jackson’s duty to her grandson led her to care for him, and Lt. Jimmy Cross’s sense of duty insured he would be the leader his men needed, but both would find difficulty in carrying out those duties. Phoenix Jackson and Lt. Jimmy Cross both have a sense of duty towards others, but duty comes in different forms. Phoenix Jackson has a sense of duty for family, Lt. Jimmy Cross has a duty to strangers placed in war, and both endure hardships to meet their duties to others. Phoenix Jackson and her grandson are the only two left from their family living in the south. Her grandson was left injured after swallowing lye and has severe respiratory problems. The nurse tells Phoenix Jackson that the boys case is obstinate. Yet, even though the boys…show more content…
Expectations from others and from themselves. Lt. Jimmy Cross, while fighting a war in Vietnam, was fight through his own internal struggles over Martha. Martha being a woman from home that he was in love with. Lt. Jimmy Cross was in a constant day dream of being with Martha back home. He struggled to maintain his duty to his men because he was torn by personal feelings of loneliness and longing. During the course of his platoon’s patrols he lost one of his soldiers, a brother. It took the feeling of betrayal to his men to turn Lt. Cross around. He knew he wasn’t serving his mens need and his sense of duty had withered. Lt. Cross made an abrupt change in his service to his men and vowed to perform his duty to them. His duty was assigned by the Army, but the loss reminded him that his duty was to brothers who might die, not simple

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