Comparing Magistrates And The Old Bailey

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This report will distinguish two distinctive courts, the Magistrates and the Old Bailey. As both courts are criminal, there are many aspects that implicate the differences and similarities between the two. I will be writing what I experienced from both courts and the impression I got during my observation. I visited the Old Bailey, it’s the second lowest court in the hierarchy where all serious criminal cases are heard. The place was discreet. Upon arrival we were checked by security, as bags and electronic gadgets were not permitted. First impression was that the security was very strict and the atmosphere was very placid but very inviting. It had four floors, each had five courts and there was security in each floor, where they would tell you what cases…show more content…
The solicitors represent the client, as there were no barristers. There was a court usher and verdict. All of which dressed formal, except for the verdict. The magistrates were in charge and would make a decision. The verdict was sitting across from the judge inside the dock, which was similar to the Old Bailey. The usher was sitting near the magistrates; she was in charge whether it was time to go inside the courtroom. Both solicitors were sitting on the same table; both would stand if they would talk to the magistrates. They all were quite friendly with each other whereas, in the Old Bailey, it was quite tense inside the room, everyone was distant. The case was related to drink-driving, the defendant was accused of driving whilst being over the limit. The trial is still ongoing and it will proceed onto another magistrate. The evidence given includes hearsay evidence all that will present what they saw in two months. Both solicitors had a pile of notebooks and papers where they would refer from and they used limited legal terms, in comparison to the Old Bailey where they used various legal terms. There was no jury to decide whether the accused was guilty or

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