Governor Panfio De Narvaez Essay

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Governor Panfilo de Narvaez and about 600 men embarked on what is considered one of the most catastrophic voyages in history in June of 1527. Narvaez and his men aspired for reign over the cape of Florida with demand of the Spanish king. Aside from the common men, a small company of officials was assigned. Of these officials, Cabeza de Vaca, was appointed treasurer. The men’s unforeseen hardship would begin notably early. After some time on the seas, the ships temporarily settled on the island of Santo Domingo for about forty days, supplying and preparing themselves for the remainder of the voyage. Many men were enticed by offers made to them by the Natives and decided to leave the company. Cabeza de Vaca and the remainder of the men continued on to a port of Cuba where the governor was offered supplies by a resident of the town Trinidad. The appeal of the offer drove the fleet to set off for Trinidad. The governor then decided to leave the company at Cape Santa Cruz and send a ship to retrieve the supplies. The governor did not advance with Captain Pantoja and Cabeza de Vaca who were assigned to the ship. The captain…show more content…
The governor complied to their wishes and put Cabeza de Vaca in charge of the people and ships that would be sailing to Xagua. The governor arrived in Xagua in February and brought along a pilot to help navigate. Cabeza de Vaca along with 140 men left the island of Xagua a couple of days after the governor arrived. After a few weeks at sea, they arrived at Guaniguanico where they were almost lost in another storm. After many treacherous storms, the men graciously reached the cape of Florida on the 12th of April. When they landed on the coast, they saw Indian villages and one of the men reached out to the Indians and the Indians kindly provided him fish and meat in

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