Narcissism And Aggression Analysis

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Aggression is a trait that every human carries within them. But what elicits this trait, and to what extent. Factors that contribute to aggression and the intensity that it is felt can be disorders of an individual’s personality; one in particular that will be discussed in this text is narcissism. This research examines the effect narcissism has on the level of aggression in individual’s that carry this particular trait. This will provide us with an idea of how prominent this disorder is on Radford University’s campus and to what extent it impacts a person’s aggressive tendencies. Narcissism is considered to be a personality disorder in which an individual can be categorized into either grandiosity, vulnerability, or a mixture of the two.…show more content…
He stated that a “preoccupation with oneself can lead to narcissistic injury that fuels anger and aggressive behavior” (Krizan & Johar, 2015, p. 784). There are two clinical descriptions of narcissism: grandiosity, and vulnerability. Narcissistic grandiosity can be in laymen terms described as being over the top about oneself. They promote themselves, and are very egocentric and over confident. On the other hand narcissistic vulnerability is the complete opposite. Individuals that have narcissistic vulnerability are also self-centered; this is the result of having narcissism in general. But they differ from those with grandiosity in the fact that they are very insecure, they come across as defensive and resentful (Krizan & Johar, 2015). While both categories of narcissism are equally important this research will solely focus on individuals with narcissistic…show more content…
Many findings throughout the research on narcissistic personality support the narcissistic rage hypothesis (Krizan & Johar, 2015). There is evidence that has found a link between narcissism and aggression, and others that haven’t found any definitive link that grandiose narcissism is a cause of aggression (Krizan & Johar, 2015). While there may be large debate on which side of the fence the answer lies we are always one step closer to finding our answer. A nationally representative sample helped shape our understanding of narcissism and it’s relation to aggression. The studies we look at are predominantly small-scale studies. Interestingly enough, “narcissism is measurable at the subclinical level among the general population” (Larson, Vaughn, Salas-Wright, & Delisi, 2015, p. 645). This meaning that everyone has some extent of narcissism, varying from low to high. Areas of previous research neglected to look into gender differences, men and women react differently in different situations and this research is no different. To date no previous research has looked into the effects of narcissism in females and relational

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