Periodontal Disease And Kidney Disease Case Study

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LINKS BETWEEN PERIODONTAL DISEASE AND KIDNEY PROBLEMS The human body is made of several organs, these organs are significant to the functioning of the body, each organ has to perform certain function and are key to helping individuals get through day to day activities. However, organs are prone to diseases and failure which could be as a result of heredity or human carelessness. Diseases are abnormal condition of the body that causes dysfunction in the body, the human body is prone to numerous diseases, Periodontal diseases and kidney problems are both important health issues that cannot be taken lightly. Periodontal disease and kidney disease remain many of those diseases you find people visiting the hospital constantly to attend to. Periodontal disease is a chronic, non-communicable gum infection that destroys the bone and soft tissue that supports the teeth, it is the sith most rampart human disease and 11.2% of the world’s population are affected by the disease. Kidney disease is also a non-communicable disease that is becoming more popular among the world’s populace especially the older individuals.…show more content…
Rather than a separate organ, the mouth is the access point to the body, it is the opening point for bacteria to fill the bloodstream through the gums, this is one of the bases for the link between periodontal disease and kidney disease. Patients with periodontal disease tend to have renal insufficiency which is a chronic condition that leads to a reduction on the kidney function and as well generate to renal

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