Erectile Dysfunction Pros And Cons

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Recommended Exercises and Diet Recipes Erectile dysfunction can happen for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it is as easy as the side effect of a specific medication. But for approximately 75% of men, the cause is much more difficult. ED or erectile dysfunction may be an outcome of diabetes, vascular disease, neurological disease, or the result of prostate-related surgeries or treatments. Whether you experience erectile dysfunction or hopeful to avoid this condition, try these tips for improved health and an enhanced sex life. 1. Start walking Walking is a form of exercise to keep the body fit and maintain weight. It is highly recommended that a daily exercise of half an hour be made. 2. Eat right Since erectile dysfunction can be caused by…show more content…
Pay attention to your blood pressure and cholesterol levels on a regular basis. The veins and arteries are those which supplies blood to the body. For erectile dysfunction patients, this blood flow process is impeded. 4. Stay Slim Obesity accompanies a lot of diseases in the body. It welcomes high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, injuries and diabetes. All of these diseases had been found, unfortunately, to cause erectile dysfunction. Body fats can cause pressure to veins and arteries in the body causing insufficient blood supply. 5. Move your body A lot of daily exercise routines do not focus on just the biceps or the legs. In fact, there are many other forms of exercises or physical activities which focus on all the parts of the body. When we do something, whether we dance, swim, jog or meditate, the results would be the same: sweating and relaxation. As we all know, erectile dysfunction can cause depression to some men. Thus, doing something, and especially with a group, would create an impact to the individual and his wellbeing. Finally, to add a delightful flavor to your lifestyle change in combating erectile dysfunction, here are some recipes you might enjoy and had been found to be beneficial for people suffering erectile dysfunction: Watermelon

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