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Ladies and gentlemen! It is my honor to speak on behalf of Hope for Young Adult with Cancer. It is a great pleasure for me to be here today, in the midst of the board executives of Missouri Foundation for Health and its members. I do like to thank the board executives of this great organization and its members, for this opportunity. I am here today, in high hopes that we can get this great organization and its members to provide financial support for a $1 million “Giving Hope Fund” fundraising campaign, Hope for Young Adult with Cancer is undertaking. Who is Hope for Young Adult with Cancer? Hope for Young Adults with Cancer is a 501(c)(3) organization, that has the mission to “connect with our peers 18-40, in the fight to support and provide…show more content…
Survival rates for young adults have not risen since 1975.This age group makes up less than 10% of all cancer patients but also has the lowest statistical survival rate, possibly due to factors such as lack of insurance, less participation in clinical trials and delayed diagnoses. Once faced with the devastating diagnosis of cancer, the financial struggle and lack of emotional support is immediate and almost always overwhelming. Most of us don’t have to go far to know someone affected by cancer. My wife Mary, and I joined this charity three and half years ago, after our son Joseph Louis Jnr was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 24. Through his battle we were exposed to so many others going through the same pain. We were able to see the effect that cancer has on young adults who have to suffer during the peak of their life. We had a close look at how cancer affects one’s self and their family. And as Terry Tempest Williams said “An individual doesn’t get cancer, a family…show more content…
Any contribution, big or small, can make a difference in a young cancer fighter’s life. With your gift, you are personally helping a young adult with cancer by giving them the means to pay for the daily necessities that they need to carry on through this challenging time in their life. This includes but is not limited to obligations, such as rent and mortgage payments, cell phone and credit card bills, clothing, work and educated related materials, department store and grocery gift cards, as well as laptops and electronic devices, and of course the opportunity to make payments on all forms of medical bills, healthcare premiums, doctor visits and prescription

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