My Chemical Romance: A Short Story

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I was walking into a coffee shop as a strange man grabbed me and yanked me into a corner. I screamed,”What do you want with me! Why?” Then, the strange, tall man covered my mouth with duct tape and all you could hear was my frantic mumbling. The coffee shop was tiny, and there were no customers in it. Most of the chairs and tables were brown and black, which I thought was a really distasteful combination. There was a long counter to the right, but I was yanked towards the left, right in the vision of the cashier. The cashier’s mouth was wide open with horror for a minute, as she was too traumatized to do anything. She was wearing a turquoise shirt with a black apron above it. After about 30 seconds she ran to the telephone and rapidly attempted…show more content…
My band’s name is called My Chemical Romance, but I have to work as a mailman to make ends meet. However, if you became a part of the band, I think we would succeed. Think about it, we could make a huge impact on the world if we became famous! I know the world is ugly, but what if we can make it beautiful? Or at least provide a place where people can feel safe no matter who they are.” I wandered,”This actually sounds ideal and I have to find Mikey anyways...I’ll go, but reluctantly.” I sighed,”Fine, I’ll go, but you better be who you said you were. My brother was the only one who was somewhat similar to me, so I’m willing to take the chance to find him. How do we get there? If this is my brother we are talking about I want to get there in 5 minutes.” “Ok, then” Frank states, but then suddenly dashed into the distance, with a wide grin. “What are you doing?!” I said with a giggle. After, I sprinted after him too. About 5 minutes past, until I saw my brother’s blonde hair in the distance. The scenery was as usual, with lava waterfalls flowing down and cobblestone grounds. It can get boring after you get over the fact you are in hell. Nethertheless, I recognized Mikey ahead of me. The tall figure, glasses, and blonde hair covering one eye stuck out at…show more content…
By playing shows and all, I’ve realized that I’m not the only one of my kind. Some people like alternative music too, especially my band mates. They have been there with me since we started this band and I have no regrets. Except Matt, I guess he needed money, because he started stealing from us. We kicked him out as soon as we found out. Anyways, playing shows with my bandmates has made me so much happier, because I realized I wasn’t alone. I’m actually starting to leave the house now. I’m also happy to hear that other people who like our band have met others like them through our band. It’s an amazing feeling to help so many people, even though I do not want to get too popular. If I become too popular, than normal people will come to the concerts and it just wouldn’t be the same. I think I’d become depressed again. I want my concerts to be places where people who stand out can come and feel safe, and hopefully make some new friends. Well Frank is calling me now, we have a concert in 3 hours. Maybe I’ll write soon, maybe I won’t. Who knows? Sincerely, Gerard

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