Comparing Museacutee Des Beaux Arts And Giorgio De Chirico's

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W.H Auden's poem Musée des Beaux Arts and Giorgio De Chirico's painting The Child's Brain share cooresponding themes dealing with forms of childlike blindness. Similarly, The Child's Brain independently presents a focal point of a character quite androdgenous in appearance. As the title suggests, the man may have the mind of one much younger than he, or simply be harboring childlike thoughts. Musée des Beaux Arts however, involves the issue in which humans are so caught up in their own affairs, significant and often mellancholly events are seen as nothing more than background noise. Auden uses a series of simple words and non-complex sentence structures to portray this theme in an errie way. Using a very appathetic tone throughout the poem, with words such as "specially" (7), "anyhow" (11), and "doggy" (12), Auden ironically mirrors the nonchalont attitude of those who are blind to significant issues happening right in front of them. These people are going about their daily lives "eating or opening a window or just walking dully along" (3-4),…show more content…
Children are coherently innocent, and aren't even capable of being aware of significant events that do not directly effect them. The physical focal point of this painting is a man whom of which has many feminine features, such as his lack of body hair, his eyes, and his physique. Not only does this portray undertones of androgony, it also gives this man an unusual air of innocence. The long eyelashes and the soft neutral facial expression are like that of a woman or even a child. Ironically, the book covering his pelvis suggests sexual tones, contradicting his childlike and innocent allure. Behind this man there is an open window only showing the top of a Greecian buliding and the sky, likely that of an evening or a setting sun. There are no stars in the sky, despite it being twilight, giving the viewer the direct correlation to Icarus and his own

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