Mrs. Smart: A Narrative Analysis

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The lights go off and the projector kicks up as Mrs. Smart turns on a slideshow. Louder than average footsteps enter the room, the time is 9:38, making whoever just entered late for class. I can't see who it is because the lights are off. A big voice looms over the class, cutting off Mrs. Smarts teaching, "Miss smart, it smell like crap in ere!" and I instantly know it is Deavion,which would explain him being late. As the presentation ends Mrs. Smart announces a test, to which Deavion responds with, "Aww crap, uhh Misses Smart I can't take this test, I'm uhh sick can I go to the office?" He leaves the class and comes back roughly 20 minutes later and sits back down repeatedly saying, "I ain't even sick no more but we ain't got enough time

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