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Topic: Mrs. Flowers is like a celebrity to Marguerite. Marguerite thinks very highly of Mrs. Flowers and if anyone is disrespectful or improper grammar you better watch out because Marguerite will be hot on your tail! Thesis: Marguerite has a lot of respect towards Mrs. Flowers, she wants to impress her and Marguerite is always on her best behavior around Mrs. Flowers. Marguerite Treats Mrs. Flowers like a Celebrity Mrs. Flowers is probably Marguerites favorite person. Why do I say this? Because of the great deal of respect that is shown between the two. Marguerite get very upset with Mama for calling Mrs. Flowers “Sister Flowers”. Marguerite was so upset, she said that she hated Mama for it. Marguerite feels that proper grammar is crucial when having a conversation with Mrs. Flowers.…show more content…
Apparently Mama didn’t think that Mrs. Flowers was a formal person. Marguerite thought very highly of Mrs. Flowers, because of the respect that was given to her, and her education. Mrs. Flowers was highly educated so everyone thought of her as “high up”. “High Up” means that everyone pictures themselves lower than Mrs. Flowers because of her education. Even though Marguerite had to take off her dress in front of Mrs. Flowers, that didn’t change anything between them. Mama made Marguerite take off her dress because while they were at a party (gathering of women) and they were on the subject of sewing, so Mama made Marguerite take off her dress so she could show the group what kind of stitches she put in. Can you imagine standing there in your undies right in front of your favorite person, the person that you look up to the most? That would be one embarrassing

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