Mortsician's Beautician Controversy

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Controversies with having a Mortician’s Beautician A Mortician’s Beautician has many aspects that have caused a controversy in the minds of the people in the Mortuary world. How the body that is being prepared to be seen by the family that has been with the recently deceased. Whether or not a Mortician’s Beautician makes the family able to mourn in a healthier or shorter way. The need of the Mortician’s Beautician in the morgue when it comes to the finances or should they be called in when needed. When the body is being prepared to be seen by the mourning family there may have been a few controversies on how the body is to be prepped by the Mortician’s Beautician. Of the thoughts that has been lingering, one thought is the body should be…show more content…
The thought that the family should have the most impact is supported by Andrew Weeks. Weeks stated “ The family is the one that has been with the member the longest and should have the greatest impact on the preparation of the their member.” Weeks tries to prove that the preparation of the body should be left to the family, while the Mortician’s Beautician is to make their memories a reality. While some may follow Weeks in his belief of how the dead should be prepared to be seen by the family, Mike Parke believes that the body should be prepare the way that will make the body look proper for the remembrance ceremony. Parke states “ The body is to look the way it was, according to the picture provided by the family” Parke expresses his point that the Mortician’s…show more content…
Smaller area morgues and funeral homes will generally call in a Beautician that has waited on the recently deceased while they were still living. They will generally do this to get the most accurate outcome when it comes to the looks of the recently deceased. Generally when it comes to larger morgue or funeral homes they will have a Mortician’s Beautician on staff during the operating hours They will perform under these standards due to the cost of having a Mortician’s Beautician on staff. According to Jennifer Russo it is common that a mortician will call to the salon that the recently deceased use to get beauty treatments from to ask if they would be able to come and perform on the recently deceased. If they are unwilling to come and perform on the recently deceased they may call around. They may call to local salons to ask if anyone that is certified would be willing to come and work on the recently deceased. Russo states that she will generally charge about fifty dollars per body that is no longer living, while she charged about thirty-five per person that is living. She believes that it is more costly to have an onsite Mortician’s Beautician, if the funeral home is not constantly using the Mortician’s Beautician services. While Russo believes that it would be more cost efficient to have a temporary Mortician’s Beautician, Greg Stacy states “ When the departed are

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