Moonrise Kingdom Film Techniques

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In the movie Moonrise Kingdom directed by Will Anderson, he uses many camera techniques to emphasis the threat of the storm and the growing bond of Sam and Suzy. The long shot that showed Sam and Suzy facing each other in the meadow made us know that they didn’t know each other so well back then but through the intense looks that they give each other we can see that Sam and Suzy are really interested in each other, and that it was just the beginning of their bond. Then the flashback took the audience back to when Sam and Suzy met at a play and that it was love at first sight. While Sam explored the backstage and saw Suzy, Will Anderson used the mid-close up shot on what Sam looked like in Suzy’s point of view, making the audience know that they were into each other. The close up shot on Sam showing his intense interest in Suzy and him pointing at Suzy emphasis the idea that Suzy’s the one he wants to know, from the phrase “ no, which bird are you?” it again reinforces the fact that it was love at first sight. Also the close up on Suzy shows us her reaction to Sam, the fixed look she gave Sam proved that she was also interested in him.…show more content…
Also Sam being in charge and giving her survival advice enables us to see how Sam is using his scout skills to help Suzy. Sam, by guiding Suzy he is ensuring Suzy’s safety and from the list of commands, “ follow me, watch your head, be careful,” we can tell that Sam is fulfilling the manly role for Suzy. In one scene Sam and Suzy were placed in the same way flanking the Chickchaw Sign, showing us that their bond is growing. The bright light classical music playing in the background reinforces that they’re really happy together and that they’re in this together. This also shows that Sam is stating the claim in their

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