Fredrick Froebel And Maria Montessori Case Study

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The theorists that the authors have chosen are Fredrick Froebel and Maria Montessori. These two theorists has been making wonders on the early childhood education and care setting with their magnificent approaches and outstanding methods educations practitioners. According to O’Shea C (2017), Fredrick Froebel was born on the 21st of April 1782, Weinmar, Germany. During his young age, Frobel studied mathematics and languages. He was a teacher at a progressive model school which was run by none other than the famous Swiss educator Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi. Froebel further attended University Gottinge. During his time he managed to establish his own school at Grieshiem in Thuringia in 1816. He died on the 21st of June 1852 at the age of 70.…show more content…
Froebel even fund the training school where he facilitate the first batch of the kindergarten teacher. He stressed that’s during the process of learning, children should not be given all the information by the teacher bluntly. Instead, Froebel wanted the classroom to be more active learning, where the children should be able to express themselves and take part in the learning process. There were a few approaches that Froebel applied when it he came to encounter with kids. The first approach, according to Helen Tovey, (2013) was respect. Froebel believed that as an educator, we need to respect them equally, respect their opinions and thoughts because in Froebel’s eyes, every children has their own powerful, unique features and they also have the ability to grasp all new ideas and information that they explore or come across to during their stages of development. The other approach that Froebel thought of was the emphasis of community Froebel believed that every children comes from various family backgrounds, races, cultures and also religions. Therefore, as a professional, educators should take this seriously and refrain from being prejudice towards minorities, treat them with respect and always practice the democratic way of living in a community. Froebel also believed that children and adults should learn from one another. This is to ensure that they understand each…show more content…
Here are some of Montessori’s contributions to early childhood care and education and how they should be implemented in play school or pre-school settings. Montessori believed that children should learn in an environment that is very conducive for their growth and brain development because according to C.G. Mooney, (2000) Montessori believed that children learn language and other significant life skills, without conscious effort, from the environment where they spend their time in. She added, for some reason, children need a harmonious and welcoming environment so they can discover a lot of new and wonderful

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