Money, Poker By Zora Neale Hurston: Play Analysis

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Money, Money, Money Poker written by Zora Neale Hurston is a short play with suspense and intrigue (Kirszner & Mandell, 2012, p. 546-547). It brings to the surface the issues from the early 30's with cheating, gambling, and characters, in which are still prevalent in today's society. The central conflict in the play is that these men are playing dicey cards. Meaning not only are they playing cards and gambling but they are also cheating. They are cheating by bringing their own cards with the high playing cards that will win more money (Kirszner & Mandell, 2012, p. 546, 1:1:13). This was also going on in the 30's which was a time that gambling was a taboo. Aunt Dilsey made this evident when she showed her disapproval when she said “You oughter be ashamed of yourself, gamblin' and carryin' on like this (Kirszner & Mandell, 2012, p. 546, 1:1:11). If this was something that was okay to do she would not show such disgust with them doing this.…show more content…
The playwright writes her in as a type of person of reason and a type of comic relief. She is the one that, in a way, is warning them of the problems that are to come. She comes in while they are playing cards and first her body language says so much. As it depicts her entering the room it says “(enters through portieres-stand and look disapprovingly)” (Kirszner & Mandell, 2012, p. 546, 1:1:11). It is almost as if you can picture her standing there looking at them as if she is witnessing pure stupidity. After she speaks with them, she does not return until the end of the play, which is when her foreshadowing takes place and they are all

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