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Jacob Viglienzoni Mrs. Cygan History 10/4/15 Molly Pitcher Mary Ludwig or know as Molly Pitcher was the daughter of a German settler named John Georg Ludwig, He was a butcher/dairy farmer in Philadelphia. Molly was born on October 13, 1754 in a town near Trenton, New Jersey. She later then moved to Carlisle Pennsylvania, she then worked as a domestic servant and in 1768 she was hired by a Mrs.Irvine in Carlisle. Mrs Irvine wanted a young girl to help with housework. Mary lived with Doctor and Mrs. Irvine for some years, that's where she met her husband William Hays. They got married on July 24, 1769. In 1775 the Revolutionary War began and Hays enlisted in May of 1777 as a soldier in the Colonial Army. Molly followed her husband to war.

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