Bruce And Alison In Alison Bechdel's Fun Home

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Throughout the graphic novel Fun Home by Alison Bechdel, Bruce and Alison do not appear to have the best relationship. Bruce and Allison are different in some ways, but are similar in others. One way that Bruce and Alison are similar is in their love of literature. Bruce has a huge collection of books that can be seen on page 61 in frame three, and on page 84 in frame two. Obviously he cares a great deal about these books if they are kept in such nice casings. Alison also has a love of books and literature as she is commonly pictured with them in various situations. On pages 80 and 81, the frames of her having sex with her girlfriend are also filled with books, whether the books are just sitting on the bed, or when Alison and her girlfriend are actually looking through/reading the books while having sex. Alison…show more content…
Bruce is very closed about his sexuality and tries to play the role of the typical straight man with a wife and family, but this is just a mask for who he really is underneath. When Bruce was younger he dressed in girls clothing (page 87, chapter 4 title page.). But now that he is older and wants to keep the charade going, he cannot wear those clothes anymore, so he forces his yearning to be more girlish on Alison, such as on page 96 frames two - three and page 97 frames two - three where Bruce wants Alison to wear the barrette but Alison does not want to. Then when Alison gets back from playing basketball Bruce yells at her because she was not wearing it. Another time when Bruce tries to force femininity on Alison is on pages 98-99 when the family is getting ready for a wedding. Bruce is very nitpicky about how he looks, spending a lot of time on details. Then he focuses his attention to Alison and tries to tell her what she should wear and yells at her to wear a pearl necklace when she does not want to. Bruce is trying to portray his feminine side through

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