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The book, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, is a science fiction book about extraterrestrials, outer space, and war. The International Fleet (I.F.) recruited the main character, “Ender” Wiggin to battle and ultimately defeat the alien “buggers.” He goes through battle school and command school to learn how, throughout the book he is faced with things a normal child would face such as bullies and teachers who show favoritism. He and his siblings are also faced with more adult situations such as commanding an army, going to war, and becoming political leaders. This book teaches people how to problem-solve better and to strive for teamwork. There are several life lessons used throughout the book, Ender’s Game. One of the main lessons used in the book is to not just fix a problem temporarily, but to fix the problem forever. This is useful for people to know, so that they learn to not just try the for the quick fix, try to complete the problem thoroughly.…show more content…
One example shown in the book is near the beginning, Ender was in a fight with a bully, Stilson, Ender knocked him on the ground and kicked him again until the bully and his goons realized that they shouldn’t mess with Ender, he kept going until the boy’s eventual death, which Ender did not realize had happened. Later, when he was asked about why he kept kicking the boy, he responds by saying, “Knocking him down won the first

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