Modernism Vs Postmodernistism

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Postmodernists criticizes the modernists’ conceptions of society, history, and politics. These three areas are the issues that both the modern and postmodern thinkers tackled. Even though postmodern thinkers are challenging the modern ideals, they are advocating new approaches, discourses and practices. The issue on society comprises the nature of man, social order and community. Society therefore includes the discussion on man and his nature. Politics encompasses the discussion about the government and state. These three main areas are the issues that were tackled by both modernists and postmodernists. For the modernists, because of their inclination towards an objective truth, it influences their conceptions about society, politics and…show more content…
For him, man is capable of self-sacrifice meaning man can do what is good for society, rather than for himself. He put importance on man’s freedom and freedom or liberty means the absence of restraint. Mill’s idea on society is in accordance to his pursuance of liberty for him, “the only part of the conduct of any one for which is amenable to society, is that which concerns others. In the part that merely concerns himself, his independence is, of right, absolute. Over himself, over his own body and mind, the individual is sovereign.” Further, J.S. Mill promoted that opinion of man should always be heard. He also mentioned that when an individual fails to perform his duties/obligation stated by the government, will affect the…show more content…
Its rejection of meta-narratives play a factor on their conception of society, especially to their idea of Man. Nietzsche put importance to man’s individuality and being different from one another. To show the distinction of a modern and a postmodern thinker, an example will be given. The modern thinkers Burke and Paine, have different perceptions about religion. For Burke, because of his conservative inclination, he argued tht religion is the status quo and it is the union of Church and State. While for Paine, religion separates Church and State. As seen in this example, the two modernists paid attention to a more general sense of religion. However, for Nietzsche, religion especially Christianity leads man and tolerates man to cowardice. Religion is just a doctrine made by man and through this religion, they advocated things they want and

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