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The author Paul Laurence Dunbar wants the readers to acknowledge how he uses concrete and abstract in his poem called "Life". Throughout his poem he uses concrete to make us feel how sadness takes over happiness most of the time, the other strategy the author uses is abstract he uses it in a deep matter he makes you think something that isn't normal that you can't visualize, he uses it a lot but also combines it with concrete as well. This connects with something about my personal point of view so far because I also feel that I can’t enjoy life as much as I would want but there's always another bad side and it's the problems that make you fall in depression and other stuff that has to do with sadness. In the poem "Life" the writer expresses…show more content…
In the poem he mentioned " with a smile to warm and the tears to refresh us " this was an example of concrete when the author said " a smile to warm " you can actually feel a smile you can actually feel when your warm, it also goes with the same thing when it says "and the tears to refresh us " you can feel when you cry also feel the tears like it's refreshing your face as saying happiness gets erased by the tears when you're getting refreshed. Another well done example the author used is when he said in his poem " A pint of joy to a peck of trouble " the author basically just mentioned how a pint of joy goes by so fast and when trouble comes, it comes in matter of seconds and sometimes it can happen keep happening instantly, therefore it's concrete because you can feel the pint of joy where you actually feel the happiness but then he said "peck" means your conflicts start showing up rapidly. He also used the same strategy when author said "And never a laugh but the moans come double;" this one is pretty straightforward when he said "And never a laugh" you know when you laugh you feel the happiness. However, if you laugh it's because you're obviously enjoying something you really like. When he also said "but the moans come double;" basically telling you that moans are first because you can't even feel how happy you are, and especially because it said
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