Gas Grill Analysis

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Grilling foods existed since pre-historic period and we have today two interesting grill cooking styles, the gas grill and charcoal grill. In the good old days, before the invention of cooking gas, people had been using wooden structure by using wood to grill the meat or vegetarian food. It was called as Babacoa in Spanish and the name Barbecue is synonym for grill cooking. How to find out best gas grill depends on the evaluation various features of gas grill. Here is the right place for learning all about gas grill, where to buy, how to get it with the best quality at cheapest price. Best Gas Grill Reviews Overview of Gas Grill The first outdoor gas grill was introduced by Don McGlughlin in 1950 at Chicago, USA. The first successful gas…show more content…
1. Weber Genesis 6631001 E-330 Weber Genesis 6631001 E-330This is one of the very impressive grills designed to provide excellent cooking experience fueled with Natural gas. It has 3 stainless steel seamless tubular burners, 1 side burner and 1 sear burner. The three burners can produce a combined heat of 38,000 BTU per hour and can be ignited independently and the flames can be controlled with the infinite regulator knobs placed on the front panel. The side burner can produce 12,000 BTU and sear burner can produce 10,000 BTU of heat. Side burner can be used for preparing side dishes. The sear burner can be used to tone up the grilled food to get the sear…show more content…
5. Coleman RoadTrip LXE Coleman RoadTrip LXEAvailable in 8 different colors, the 36 inch propane gas grill is provided with 2 stainless steel burners and each can produce 10,000 BTU thermal powers per hour. The portable grill has scissor type folding legs, with wheel casters in one pair of the legs. The other leg pair can be used as a pulling handle cum fixed stand. 285 square inches of cooking space is enough for a small party. Two folding side tables add up more work area for pre cooking activities. The porcelain coated cast iron grates are easy to clean. Below the burners are provided a detachable drip tray, where the excess grease is collected for cleaning. Electronic ignition push button is placed on the front panel which will allow independent firing and flame is controlled by the infinite gas regulator knobs. Vitreous painted steel lid is designed to allow even distribution of heat in the chamber. Considering the weight and portability this grill is an ideal option for outdoor party. The unit is one of the best choices in gas grills supported with 5 year limited warranty. Searching parameters for Best Gas

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