What Role Did Religion Play In The Colonies

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What role did religion play in developing the colonies? I think religion was used as a catalyst in creating the new world. Its purpose was served as a decoy by English stockholders, to hide true intentions of greed and control in hopes of freeing England of Spain dependence. These Private investors were used to expand the British Empire globally. These Joint Stock companies and Proprietors were chartered by the British Empire. Bigger companies were assigned government positions and authorized some control to the colonies. New technology and navigation techniques help initiate the exploration. The Virginia Company was the first chartered corporation. They settled in Jamestown, Virginia. Their instruction were to promote “Christian religion”, to the Indians who live in darkness and miserable ignorance of the true knowledge and worship of God,” (Tindall and Shi 36). Thatched huts, a fort, a storehouse, and a church were built…show more content…
Roger Williams was rebellious when it came to whose religion was better. His views caused him to be sent back to England. Soon after, he established a colony in Rhode Island,” at the head of Narragansett Bay,” (Tindall and Shi 47). He decided that “All faiths should be treated equally,” (Tindall and Shi 47). One of his fellow Puritan who followed was Anne Hutchinson. She was described as “a woman of haughty and fierce carriage…and voluble tongue” bold enough to feud with Puritan leaders. She was sent to trial and convicted of Blasphemy, (Tindall and Shi 48). Since the practice of religion in the other colonies were unbearable, many settlers migrated to Rhode Island to practice religious freedom. Indians were able to survive in this colony because of Roger Williams’s beliefs. This allowed Indians to feel liberated and “cope with newcomers in different ways” (Tindall and Shi 50) and in turned maintained control in Rhode
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