Mitochondria Supernatant Lab Report

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The purpose of this lab was to determine if mitochondria was present in either the supernatant or pellet of a cell. I hypothesize that due to mitochondria being diminutive, they will be present in only the supernatant. For this experiment, I predict that the test tubes with the pea and carrot supernatants will appear to have a reddish tint to them. Five test tubes were labeled A-E. Two of the test tubes were filled with the remaining supernatants, another two were filled with the remaining pellets, and the final tube contained a homogenization buffer. Following, 10 mL of water was added to each tube, then 1-2 mL of Tetrazolium Chloride (TTZ) solution. The test tubes were then incubated in a water bath for approximately 15 minutes. After

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