Miracle On 34th Street: A Comparison Of Book And Movie

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Miracle on 34th Street film will always be a true classic to Christmas. I never heard nor watch the film but, after doing my research and watching different versions of the film I realize it was a true classic and maybe a tradition for some families to watch during Christmas time. I will buy both versions this Christmas and make it a tradition to watch with my husband and I. Christmas and Valentine’s Day is my favorable holidays. But, out of the two Christmas is my favorite and the movie “Christmas on 34th Street” reminded me of once when I was a little girl and everyone had love and joy in their heart for the holidays. I watched the 1994 versions as well as the 1955 version. Both movies have the same concept but is applied to the viewer in different ways.…show more content…
Kris explain that the man had place prancer where dancer should be and Blixen should have been on the right side. Kris also stated to the man that Donna antlers should have four points instead of three. Kris Kringle who is already hired by Macy department store for the parade to be Santa Claus attends the parade as Santa. Mr. Gaily (a lawyer) and Susie (the daughter of Doris the parade director) watches the parade up high in Mr. Gaily apartment window. While watching the parade Susie instantly display adult characteristics by confronting Mr. Gaily that there is no such thing as giants, fairytales, or Santa Claus. As soon as Doris walk Mr. Gaily escort Doris to the kitchen for coffee while Susie finish watching the parade. Mr. Gaily confronts Doris about Susie not believing. Doris explains that she rather have Susie believe in reality than make

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