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Isak Borenstein In 1939, when the German’s invaded Poland, Isak Borenstein, a jew living in Radom, Poland, ran away to Russia. There he worked as a carpenter, until 1941 when the Nazis invaded Russian. Then, Isak joined the Russian army. Isak’s squad was surrounded by Germans and he surrendered. He was with 35 other Jews and was only one of two to survive. There, he began his incredible journey through Nazi concentration camps taught me numerous lessons about life. Once he had been captured, Isak decided that he would change his name from Borenstein to Broniewski, a Polish name. Nazis brought him to jail, where he stood in the death chamber for 10 days but never was killed. Isak also avoided Auschwitz, the most notorious of the concentration camps, as it was full when he arrived. He was then taken to Linz III, where he was almost killed but a guard convinced another to put the gun down because they believed he was a Russian soldier. While being transferred the train stopped in the town of Wels, Isak escaped there and headed back to Poland. There he found that his brother had survived but was sick. He and his brother lived in Stuttgart, Germany for a couple years before he met his…show more content…
Isak was placed through the hardest adversity he still managed to survive it. Isak was put in near death situations several times and he was transferred to 4 different prison camps and yet he lived through it all. His story tells me to never give up no matter how hard it gets. Another valuable lesson that he teaches me is to play smart. This means to face adversity with intelligence. Isak knew that the Germans were looking for Jews, so he changed his last name and pretended to be a Russian soldier, a decision that would let him live. Isak also knew German, which helped him understand what the guards where saying. His story taught me very important life lessons which can be applied in the

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