Iroquois Long House

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The Iroquois The silence throughout the woods of New York might seem harmless with the beautiful scenery and a plentiful supply of deer and other small animals. However, a vicious predator was roaming the lands only just over 300 years ago. The Iroquois were a force not to be reckoned with. Iroquois indians were one of the smartest indian tribes with a unique history. They conquered space issues with the longhouse, which could be over 300 feet for some families (“Longhouses”). The Iroquois were also great hunters that killed many types of animals that can be found throughout the New York area. The Iroquois had a great geographical location that had access to many lakes. They also show pride to their ancestors today with the many annual celebrations…show more content…
Making the best of a bad situation, the Iroquois tribe adopted a style of building homes that other had built. The house they built were called Longhouses. Longhouses were long, narrow rectangular shaped building made of mostly post and poles covered in bark (“Longhouses”). The longhouse was built with many materials found within the surrounding areas of the tribe. Longhouses housed up to 20 families in each. Each family consisted of the grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, and siblings. They ranged from anywhere from anywhere between 30 to several hundred feet long and averaging at 20 feet for both the height and width (“Longhouses”). Inside the longhouses, they would have the living quarters and a fire in the middle to cook food. The Iroquois show a lot of intelligence that they had through the work they did with their…show more content…
The Iroquois did face a lot of problems with America, however, they did not go extinct. They have a rather large population in both the United States and Canada. In the U.S they have close to 30,000 member in New York, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma. In Canada they have nearly 40,000 in Ontario and Quebec (Takaes 37). Many of the current day Iroquois enjoy a modern day lifestyle with jobs in a varying field of careers. MAny still keep the traditions of their ancestors alive today (38). Some of the Iroquois do not think of themselves as apart of the United States or Canada, but think of themselves as a confederacy that is older than both of them (39). They hope to one day be able to get their land back from the U.S and Canada, but if they can not, they would like for their rights as Iroquois to be respected. They also have annual celebrations and recitations of life in festivals throughout their land. Many tribes were not as lucky as the Iroquois in still being here today. That shows how dedicated that the Iroquois to their

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