Metalheads Subculture Essay

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Subculture is defined as the minor culture that is within the mainstream culture. A great example of the word would be Metalheads. I picked this category because not only do Metalheads differentiates itself from the main culture it also actively resists it. Metal culture itself is impressive to me because it screams rebellion, lawlessness, and punk. The notion of a being a Metalhead just doesn’t lie in looking and claiming the title, it went further than i was expecting, which was simply listening to heavy metal and being a fan of the music. Metalheads have been able to create their own culture that extends to a number of features of the underground society, maintained what could be considered as tradition, and it also has an origin. What in actual fact stood out the most about this subculture is how the group encourages deviating from the norm and becoming alienated from mainstream society. Aside from how the group and culture is like it was also an interesting subject to look at because in most cultures departing from the…show more content…
They also have norms. Norms are held rules on how a member of a group should behave, an example would be attending concerts, buying albums, band T-shirts which all helps contribute and support their subculture. In addition they often “mosh” or “headbang” during heavy metal concerts. Moshing is just a type of dance that’s done in which people slam onto one another to aggressive music while headbanging is simply moving your head back and forth to the beat of the song along with whipping ones ultra long hair. There also a common phrases in Metal culture to express that something is awesome which is by saying “Thats so

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