Mentally-Ill In Prison

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There is an epidemic in the US dealing with placing mentally ill criminals in prison. Some of society thinks that it is okay to place the mentally ill criminals in prison and their reasoning is every crime deserves a punishment, no matter who commit it, but others in society think that the mentally ill should be placed in mental institutions. I discovered “Since early 1970, deinstitutionalization movement for the mentally ill has been underway in the US and that there are now ten times more mentally ill individuals in prison rather than mental institution”(Rich Holloway). This raises the question “Should mentally ill criminals be sentenced to prison?” Prisons are not often the appropriate place to deal with the mentally ill. Mentally ill should…show more content…
Sentencing mentally ill criminals to prison is more expensive than sentencing them to mental institutions. Research shows, “sentencing mentally ill criminals to prison cost more for a variety of reasons, including increasing staff, psychiatric medications, and psychiatric examinations” (More Mentally Ill…). If the mentally ill criminals were to be placed in mental institutions, it would save the prisons a lot of money. Mental institutions are already equipped with the necessary materials needed to deal with the mentally ill. Mental institutions already have the proper medicine and treatment needed for the mentally ill opposed to prisons. By sentencing mentally ill criminals to prison that means the prison has to not only order, but also provide the necessary medicine and treatment to every mentally ill criminal. Mental institutions also already have the appropriate staff, including doctors, nurses, and security unlike prisons. By sentencing mentally, ill criminals to prison would cause the prison to shed out more money to upgrade their staff to accompany the mentally ill requirements. In addition, the mentally ill tend to serve longer sentences than non-mentally ill inmates do, so in addition to paying for the mentally ill necessary requirements the prisons also have to pay more just to hold them in their prison. Research shows,” the average prisoner costs the state about $22,000 a year,” but “ prisoners with mental illness range from $ 30,000 to $50,000 a year”( More Mentally Ill…). The prison would save a sufficient amount if the mentally ill were sentenced to mental

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