Explain Why Did The Allies Win Ww2

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In my opinion the allies were able to win World War II for several reasons. First I think that the allies were able to win because they weren’t thinking about what they could get out of it. Most of the allies were thinking about stopping the tyrants that were out to take over the world such as Japan, Russia and Germany. I also believe that evil never prospers! I have good reason to believe that God was looking out for his people and allowed the allies to have clear thinking, this enabled them to come up with good war strategies that led to their victory. It has been said that the strategy against Rommel in Africa was the most important strategy in World War II. I have heard that there was territory that would give the allies passage straight into Germany, and although there was hardship,…show more content…
The Germans hated the Russians so terribly that they were perfectly ok with defeating them. Although the Russians and the Germans hated each other so much they managed to sign a peace treaty that would prevent the two countries from fighting for ten years. Although the two countries seemed to be working things out each country only signed the treaty to give them time to prepare themselves for war. Germany was able to prepare themselves much better than Russia. In the end Germany attacked Russia with three million soldiers, three thousand five hundred and eighty tanks, seven thousand one hundred and eighty four artillery guns, one thousand eight hundred and thirty planes, and seven hundred and fifty thousand horses. Obviously Germany beat Russia, but Germany did not get the last laugh. Russia burned all of their valuable items, and the ground; this really threw the Germans entire strategy off. In addition to the Russians strategy, the Germans had to deal with an incredibly harsh winter in which the German soldiers were not prepared for. In this severe cold machines malfunctioned, gas tanks froze, and many men

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