Betty Robin's Motherhood

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Betty Robin, author of “Motherhood: Who needs it anyways?”, claims in her dissertation that the Motherhood Myth has instilled a false ideology wherein women inherently crave children, and will revel in it. As a result, she solicits women across the globe to abstain from the pressures of social norms to spawn offspring. She asserts that “Because the motherhood minuet is taught freely from birth … every woman is expected to do it. Indeed, she wants to do it. Little girls start learning what to want and what to be when they are still in their cribs”. Considering that girls are socialized on wants from birth, Robin implies that the desire to have children is assumed upon young women rather than it being an innate, biological instinct. Therefore, she desires for society to train its daughters to prioritize their self improvement whilst opposing the expectations to have a child.…show more content…
Furthermore, she also brings men into the equation, due to the fact that “Husbands too … have the Fatherhood Myth. A married man is supposed to have children … They help him assure the world and himself that he is the big man he is supposed to be.” Rather than criticizing men for having it easier, Robin demonstrates her awareness that the problem isn’t solely revolved around women. She expresses the beliefs of feminists in the sense that both sexes are pressured to become

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