Mental Health Act 2007 Ao4

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AO4-Legislation Legislation Legislation is law which is produced by being passed through the government to become an Act. Legislation determines the policy framework and reflects the different statutory rights, groups and individuals. (Richards. J, 1999) Legislation set out policies that are for everybody in society. Legislation is important as it can improve the lives of people and sets out standards that people should live by so that the world is not chaotic. Legislation is used to protect and provide for people to improve their quality of life. Mental Health Act 2007 The Mental Health Act is the law which someone can be admitted to hospital detained and treated against their wishes. The Act allows a person to be detained or ‘sectioned’ a person…show more content…
The GP may have to have a patient detained so they have to issue a section 4. Also the GP may have to assess a patient that needs to be sectioned as one of the three health professionals. The Mental Health Act is effective as it has a variety of different ways a person can be sectioned to suit the patient’s needs. This will ensure that each patient is being treated in a way that helps them and are not being all treated the same because they don’t all have the same illness. As a result it would reduce the risk of patients becoming distressed by giving them the right section to their individual needs. However, the Mental Health Act 2007 may be ineffective because a patient may feel embarrassed and vulnerable since they May find it difficult to be reintegrated back into the community because they were being detained against their will which as a result can cause them to feel threatened and distressed when left to their own and so could causing them to act out in violence which would lead to them harming

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