Menstrual Cup Case Study

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Women recommend Menstrual Cup for their monthly period as it has a lot advantage than the disadvantage. Moreover, Menstrual cup takes pride than period products such as tampons and sanitary napkins. Importantly, every woman should remember in using Menstrual Cup is proper handling of the product. First, clean and dry hand during insertion and removing. Second, proper insertion and removing of the Cup. Third, proper storage of the product. Furthermore, the rising popularity of the demand of menstrual cup. There are brands, varieties, and models being manufactured today. For the easiest way to wear Menstrual Cup, You need to know the type that suits us. The Meluna Cup Circumstance Light Flow Heavy Flow Virgin Smaller size Smaller size Teenager…show more content…
⦁ Softest silicone in Lunette – The texture and form are softer than Lunnette Model 2. ⦁ For young women and teens – Model 1 is best for young teens and young adult who have not given birth. It is small and can wear comfortably. ⦁ Stem length – Model 1 is 1". ⦁ Menstrual flow – This model gives the best protection for women who have light to moderate menstruation flow. ⦁ Capacity – Model 1 can hold fluid up to .85ounces. The Lunette Model 2. This is a larger type of Menstrual Cup. Soft Silicone but firmer than Model 1 ⦁ For more mature adult women – Design for Mature adult women who already experience giving birth and sexually active. ⦁ Stem length – .8" length ⦁ Menstrual flow –Model 2 specifical design for women that has moderate to heavy menstrual flow. ⦁ Capacity – Model 2 though shorter than Model 1 but it can carry fluid up to 1ounce. The Yuuki Cup Economic Is the cheaper Menstrual cup. It has the same firmness to Classic. But it has no inclusion of instruction, you may check on the internet for help. In addition, it has two available sizes to offer. Small and

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