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In this article “The real problem with Memphis youth is Memphis adults” Tony Nichelson argues that the “Youth Problem” is more of a concern in the city to half of the Memphians. While on the other hand, it really isn’t a problem towards the people who overlook it. Nichelson voices his opinion on the adults in Memphis that play a part of the youth’s lives. He also argues that Memphis is looked at differently from an outsider’s perspective. In reality they don’t know what really occurs in the city besides the awful problems that are broadcasted everywhere. Afterwards he persuasively explained that with the positive help of adults, a lot of opportunities would be available for the youth “that haven’t been met for at least 30 years” Nichleson provides enough evidence to back up his argument on the Memphis youth. It is believed that he…show more content…
He states that there is a “70 percent youth unemployment rate” meaning that there is a large amount of teens that are not doing anything productive outside of school activities. The percentage is high enough to show that at least 30 percent of the teens are employed while the rest are not which is concerned. It is difficult enough for the youth to obtain a job here in Memphis while they’re still young but there isn’t that much else to offer. Since that is the case, some of the unemployed teens would cause trouble throughout the city which would still be a youth problem. Also in the article, he states that “80 percent of elementary school children [read] below grade level.” This is a huge eye opener to the readers which shows children aren’t where they should be academic wise. It is another reason why Nichelson believes that it is the Memphis adults fault for not leading the youth onto the right path. This number could’ve been avoided if there were adults to help get the children reading skills up and become academically successful as they grow

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