Rainsford-Personal Narrative

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Daylight creeped in the large room through the silk-like curtains. The bright sun rays is what woke Sanger Rainsford from his slumber. A loud yawn came from the exhausted male as he slowly sat up, rubbing the back of his neck. Rainsford’s feet touched the ground and he walked over to the drawer, opening up the doors. There was an assortment of many different outfits, colors varying to the brightest of red, to the darkest of blues and greens. Letting out yet another yawn, Rainsworth selected a navy blue suit with a matching navy blue tie. He quickly changed from his dark nightgown to the navy suit. Smiling to himself, Rainsford fixed his tie and moved to head downstairs for breakfast but froze dead in his tracks. Bloodstains coated the floor…show more content…
He stepped into the kitchen and looked around the room. The walls were still the same light green but the white carpets had been stained a blood red, however, Rainsford said nothing as he simply walked over to the cupboards, pulling out a box of oatmeal. The oatmeal was prepared and eaten rather quickly. When Rainsford was finished with his meal, he silently stood up and walked out of the room. He didn’t stop once to think about what he was doing, however, if he knew what events would occur in the future, he might have thought twice about opening the cellar door. Footsteps echoed off the damp walls of the dark cellar. The deeper Rainsford got into the dark cellar the less calm he became. Step. Step. Step. He had reached the bottom of the stairs. The footsteps stopped and all was silent. Rainsford breath grew heavy, he took a step forwards and heard a crunch. Bones littered the ground from all of General Z’s victims, Rainsford thought to…show more content…
I searched the entire ship for you and feared the worst. I am grateful that you are still here with me to this day.” Whitey smiled, removing his cap and placing it over his heart to show he truly was grateful his friend was still alive. “Yes, yes. I’m alright Whitney. As you can see I have not been harmed in the slightest.” Rainsford nodded, staring into Whitney’s worried eyes. “and, Who might you be miss?” Whitney asked as he made his way over to where Lucy was standing. “I have to admit, you gave me quite the scare.” He chuckled slightly, rubbing the back of his neck. “...My name is Lucy.” Lucy said quietly. She had a glare in her eyes as she watched Whitney place his cap back on his head. “Lucy? That is a very pretty name young lady.” Whitney smiled once more, causing Lucy to scoff. “Don’t talk to me so casually.” Whitney looked surprised to hear the rude words come out of her mouth. “Well, I never!...” He exclaimed. “I’m sorry about that Whitney. Lucy isn’t very good around other people.” Rainsford explained quickly. “Hmph. Anyways… The rest of the crew is waiting for you back on the boat. We should hurry and get going.” Whitney grabbed Rainsford’s hand and began

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