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Medieval castles in Europe were built from around 1000 AD to 1550 AD. They were built so well that many of these medieval castles can still be seen today. Medieval castle design reached its peak in the 14th century with the great castles of Wales built by King Edward I of England. In the 500 plus years that medieval castles were built, architects displayed great ingenuity and working on castle plans effectively became a science. The inhabitants of these castle walls were just as important. Kings, queens, and knights resided in these castle walls, and the slaves ensured that the castles they lived in was in pristine condition. Castle architecture and the people who lived in these fascinating, long lasting buildings had a big role in Medieval times.…show more content…
Many times, the site itself would determine and even limit the castle plans. For example, Bamburgh Castle was built on high ground overlooking dunes and the North Sea. The design was based upon the pros and cons of the location. Another example is Conwy Castle in North Wales where the plans were restricted by the rocky terrain it was built on and led to a design which is similar to the shape of an hour glass. Beaumaris, a castle which was built on marsh land by the sea had no restrictions. The castle plans for Beaumaris allowed for a more proportional castle. The plans to make a castle took a long time to create, but the location it was being built on said a lot about how the final product would turn out. When creating these buildings, the architects had to keep in mind a defense system. Castles were often under attack, so many castles used keeps, or towers as the central part of their defense system. Moats were also great for defence. They were also used to prevent attackers to come get into the castle walls. Sewage was put into the moats, creating a sour smell. Many Medieval castles had moats to improve their defense

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