Medical Billing And Coding

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Medical Billing and Coding is the field where a billing professional submits a patient’s claims to health insurance companies. It allows a health care provider to receive payment for services. As a Medical Billing and Coding specialist you have to look over patient’s medical records and assign codes to procedures performed so that they can bill insurance. You have to make sure that patients have access to bills and understand all their payment options. Most professionals work for hospitals, physicians, or other healthcare providers. I see this job as one who works at a front desk of a hospital or doctor’s office that bills the patient for the diagnoses and actions performed on them. I think that everyone see’s this job as one who send out information…show more content…
There are three different coding sets, HCPCS, CPT, and ICD-9/10.(“Becoming a Medical Coding Specialist” by Sarah Maurer) Right now it’s more important to to be trained on the new ICD-10 code set because health care facilities are going to be switching from ICD-9 but, it’s also important to have the old one’s memorized also. They pushed back the deadline for the International Classification of Diseases(ICD)-10 to 2014 so that they would be giving more time to providers to implement the coding system while trying to minimize any excess cost to IT vendors.(“HHS set to Extend ICD-10 Diagnoses Deadline to 2014” H.W…show more content…
Some jobs allow you to travel rather than stay at one place. Some positions allow you to do extensive traveling if you’re not wanting to be at home or you don’t want to go to the same office every day and do the same things. It takes a lot of work and experience to get to where you’re allowed to travel place to place instead of being in a set place but it’s possible. In order to get a travel job you have to have one to three years of of prior experience in coding, be certified with more than one coding certification, research placement options that can increase during busier times of the year such as allergy season, and look for larger agencies with more locations. (“Sanford-Brown Blogs”

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