Medea's Infatuation In The Odyssey

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Medea and her infatuation for Jason lead her to do anything for him. This infatuation was however used against her, Jason lead Medea on for her help rather than for love. He used the love she had for him in order to survive. Medea; because she was deeply in love with Jason killed the dragon that was guarding the Golden Fleece for him; she also killed Pelias; her brother in order to cause a diversion that helped her run away with Jason. Medea loyalty for Jason interfered with the loyalty she had for her family. “Great Themis, lady Artemis, behold The things I suffer, though I made him promise, My hateful husband. I pray that I may see him, Him and his bride and all her palace shattered For the wrong they dare to do me without cause. Oh, my father!…show more content…
Many believed he had perished and wished to take his place, during his absence many suitors started arriving and asking for Penelope’s hand in marriage. Penelope on the other hand doesn’t respond to any of the suitors, she believes that Odysseus is still alive and is coming back to her. Penelope was a very manipulative and clever woman, in order to buy sometime for Odysseus’s return and not get married, she but the suitors through several obstacles that they had to face in order to prove which one of them is the best choice. One trick Penelope’s underwent was based on a robe, it is stated, ““Young me my suitors now that the great Odysseus has perished wait, though you are eager to marry me, until I finish this web, so that my…. Thereafter in the daytime I would weave at my great loom, but in the night I would have torches set by, and undo it.” (Homer, 19.141-19.150) Penelope promised the suitors that once she is done crafting the loom for Odysseus’s father she will choose someone to marry, but because of her loyalty towards Odysseus and the faith she had that he would be back, she would complete the loom in the morning and place torches that would untangle the loom at night, this cycle repeated for three

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