Medea By Euripides: Play Analysis

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Humanities Have you ever read the play Medea, by Euripides and know what the play is really about ? If not, this play is really about justice and . This play is about JUSTICE and REVENGE because Medea and the children ( one of the main characters in the play ) has been abandoned by her ex husband Jason ( another main character ) for king Creon's royal daughter. The fact that he left her for someone else hurted Medea and because she was hurt she doesn't know any other way to get back at Jason or hurt him besides doing harm to the person he left her for which is the king of Creon daughter. Threw out the play you may notice how crazy and sad Medea is about Jason leaving her. This sadness as well as crazy ness for Jason is the reason why Medea came up with the idea of trying to harm king Creon’s daughter and made her start…show more content…
Medea meant that she thought she knew who her husband was but she didn't and come to find out that he was worthless because he left her for someone else. Medea is also furious with Jason because she left so many things behind for him and abandoned her country for him. in the play it states, “ I abandoned my father and my home and went with you to Iolcos showing more love than sense. I had king Pelias who sent you on the quest butchered by his daughters in the most horrible of deaths, reducing him to a broth of bones , turning his bloodline off. I did this all for you. and what i get in return ? you drop me for some girl,” ( Pg 24 ). Medea is angry because she did so many things for him and tried to helped him and it felt like it didn't mean nothing because he ended up leaving her which is another reason why see was seeking

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