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While comparing Michelangelo’s “David” to Bernini’s, it is imperative to keep in mind the time period in which both sculptures were created. First while looking at Michelangelo’s sculpture we know that is was created during the 1500’s, which was the High Renaissance period. The High Renaissance period style was meant to capture the perfect balance between movement and stillness. While on the other hand, Bernini’s “David” was sculpted during the Italian Baroque period. During the Italian Baroque period sculptures were meant to express movement and the energy within the human form. The Baroque Period also sought to look towards decency and appropriateness. It is critical to see the similarities and differences in these two sculptures. Both sculptures contain a large amount of naturalism and humanism which was a large focal point in both of these periods. Also both of these sculptures were created to represent religious background. During the High Renaissance and Italian Baroque…show more content…
We may see these differences by observing how the lines form in these sculptures to create either motion or balance. The differences in these artist may also be seen in the use of clothing. Although there are a variety of differences shown in these sculptures, there are also a large amount of similarities in them as well. These similarities are things such the humanism and naturalism shown in both, as well as the idealism shown in the human body. Along with the idealism and humanism both these statues show, It is also important to understand that both these statues were created for religious purpose as well. These Sculptures are fantastic works of art, and allow viewers to see how vastly similar and different these two period styles were. Along with being able to view these similarities and differences, it is crucial to be able to compare them to their perspective period

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